MacBook: Battery charge issue?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just purchased my first Apple product this week, a MacBook with 2.2GHz Core Duo/1G of RAM.

The issue I'm having is the onscreen time until charged calculation seems to not be based on Earth hours. When it says there's 1:00 remaining until charge, it can easily be three hours. This slow charging is with the computer mostly idle, or even powered off.

Another forum had the OP look at the adapter. Mine is a 60W (which I'm assuming would be the correct one for this model.)

I just need to know if the battery is possibly defective (I don't think so, it runs for a LOOONG time) or if there is a better way to guesstimate the time.

How long should it take to charge?

Oh, and hi everyone!


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    Try calibrating your battery. If you didn't read the manual before you started using your Macbook, I suggest you do so. It contains a lot of information about maintenance.
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    I'll see if that helps. I'm not sure why that would affect the amount of time it takes to charge a new battery, but it's worth a shot. Thanks.
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