Time Machine - not backing up incrementally

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Summary: Time Machine is a buggy POS.

I turned on Time Machine on November 7th and it backed up 44gb of data.

I checked yesterday and it has not been continuing its backups. The last backup was the evening of November 7th.

My 500gb firewire drive has been plugged in and shows the Time Machine icon on the desktop and has been browsable, no issues.

I right clicked the dock Time Machine icon and selected backup now....no juice.

I went into System Preferences, there is a little (!) with backup drive not found. wth. Its in finder, its in Time Machine selection.

So I 'changed drive' to same drive and now it is backing up 44gb of data (like first time).

Note that this thing is plugged into a laptop that is rebooted and plugged in every evening. There should be no issues, this should 'just work' (tm) but obviously it 'does not work'.

Should I expect more? This is junk to me so far.
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