Brand new today and would love some help...

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So, this is my first post as I just joined moments ago.

Some of this is probably 'same old' to most/all of you, so please forgive me if I am redundant in my questions.

As with nearly everyone, I have been hanging on and hanging on for the MWSF debuts. Have been looking at the MBP since the summer but keep waiting because there seems to always be something new lurking just around the corner.

Was an original Mac user eons ago but for the past decades have used PCs due to work and having consistency between home and work. Oldest son purchased a 15" MBP this summer for college and loves-loves-loves it but has complained that he wishes he had waited for one of the bumps up in terms of speed and a few other features. Middle son purchased a Toshiba for school (and is a big gamer and felt it would meet his needs there as well). He is very happy with his Toshiba but agrees that considering my wants/needs, I should go Mac. (Both boys are very technically astute, unlike me.) We've had Dells for the past several years, and currently I am using a 'hand-me-down' Dell from my oldest son---this Dell is so old that I can hear its bones creaking with age

[Older son had newer very loaded Dell which kept overheating and would slow down to a snail's pace....kills me because it was very $$$ and we are very 'middle class' when it comes to finances, so that's been an issue]

This is probably more information than you ever wanted or needed to know, but I thought it would set the stage for my questions.

I am an educator who will be using the MBP as a desktop replacement for those times when portability is an issue, although it will not be something I carry with me on a frequent basis. It is for my personal use, although I will also use it a great deal for work-related things as I do a lot of presentations at work and given the low budget of the public schools, I often need to bring my own laptop when there is a shortage and many of us are doing staff development at the same time. My computer at work is a desktop PC-- nothing great.

Pardon my 'lay' terms as I describe what I think I need as I am not as technically inclined as I would like to be. Hobby-wise, I am big into photography (amateur) and video editing, as well as major electronic scrapbooking for myself and for friends, so I want something that is fast, has a lot of RAM, & shows authentic color on the display. I also have aging eyes to a degree, and although I think I want the highest resolution screen available, my eldest son tells me that it will make the print difficult for me to read.

Last thing is-- although I don't NEED the MBP right away---certainly can wait a bit longer, I am just dying to have it now.... my Dell is so ancient that some of the editing programs I use take forever to chug through, which postpones my ability to do what I want to do [of course, keeping in mind once more that it's a 'want' and not a 'need']. Also, you can probably tell from this post that as a parent, I tend to 'sacrifice' for my sons (2 of which attend private universities--- $$$ ouch $$$) before I do for myself. Also have a third son in high school....another looming college tuition around the corner \

I actually ordered (then quickly canceled order) a MBP several weeks ago; can hardly wait until updates through MWSF. See, the thing is, because I purchase a computer for myself so rarely, I want to get the most up-to-date MBP there is because I will hang onto it for decades, I am certain.

So, for any of you who have had the patience to plow through my 'story' of why I need advice regarding my MBP purchase, I do sincerely appreciate anything you can tell me.

Thanks so much!

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