keyboard not working with mac os 10.4 (tiger)!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
keyboard not working with mac os 10.4 (tiger)!

i am aware of the fact that there are multiple keyboard issues with leopard - especially freezing keyboards. since today i got the same or a similar problem, but never upgraded to leopard. i run tiger on my mbp for one year now and my keyboard and my trackpad aren't working anymore. i even can't get access to trackpad options in system preferences. already tried many suggestions which have worked out for different leopard users - but nothing seems to fix it...

don't know the reason, it still worked perfectly yesterday. also reinstalled the last combo upgrade with no effect, restarted with and without battery and tried to press battery in or anything with the wires under the battery.

don't know what to do any further!

please help me - thankful for any more suggestions!
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