OSX on a PC, does it matter what components I get?

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I'm thinking about building my own Hackintosh one of these days soon, maybe. \

Does it matter which kind of motherboard, memory, processor or video card I put in the computer?

And where do I get the OSX drivers for everything, or how do I get them?

Any recommendations for components?

And can someone explain to me what a x86 disc is? I'm a noob to the Hackintosh world, I'm more of a Mac person

Any help is appreciated!


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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member

    Good luck, I'm not sure exactly why you'd want to.
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member

    Just for fun. Or like my dad would say "Just a learning experience".

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,167moderator
    Originally Posted by buddha View Post

    Good luck, I'm not sure exactly why you'd want to.

    Yet another Mini owner looking for an upgrade path Apple doesn't provide.

    That link really makes you think how easily this could all be solved. The machine that guy built wasn't far off a Mini spec. The only real differences were a 7300GT, more Ram, a bigger hard drive and slightly faster processor. Although it also has the upgradability, we've established before that upgrading is not a big necessity - especially on the Mac side anyway.

    Apple could easily offer that kind of machine for the same price with maybe 2GB Ram and it would satisfy most people.

    2GHz Core 2 Duo

    2GB Ram

    250GB hard drive 7200 rpm 3.5"

    256MB 7300 GT

    DVD burner


    Although I'd personally prefer something between the iMac and Mac Pro, that above spec would be acceptable for home use. The current Mini hard drive and graphics just kill it.

    Good luck with the project smee, let us know how it turns out.
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member
    I read through it all and was just thinking the same thing.

    I'm not looking to spend more than $600 to build one.

    Then mini I've got now is fast enough for me, but doesn't have as much graphic's power I really want.

    So a cheap mobo, 4Gb ram, a 2.0-2.2Ghz proc, and an XFX 7600GT 256MB 128-Bit. That will work just fine for me

    I won't be doing this for a while, I'm going to research this for the next couple months or so and save up some money first... (gotta sell some more on ebay)

    But when I do start the project I'll let you know,

    Thanks Marvin!
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    Only time you might run into issues, is trying to install OSX on a laptop - I tried to install 10.5.1, hacked for AMD on my laptop, and it couldn't see my SATA hard drive.

    I thought it would be cool to do a Vista/OSX dual boot, but oh well.

    I did pick up a Mini today from one of Apple Stores around metro Detroit today, so I'm not going to bother installing it on my desktop, although I could've built a PC from newegg that would stomp just about any system Apple sells for ~$700-1000, the only thing the Mac Pro would be better at is raw processing power, but I doubt I would notice it.
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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    You're best off running an intel 945 or 965 series chipset with a Geforce 7300 or 7600 or a Radeon x1600, x1900 HD2400, or HD2600 as drivers already exist for them. What is an x86 disk? One that is compatible with intel CPUs opposed to PowerPCs
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