DVD Player Issues

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So my brother has a macbook that he got a couple months back.

he just called me up saying this:

Whenever he puts in a DVD, the movie will play for about 2 minutes or so, then a popup will come saying that an error has occured and DVD Player could not recover, he is then prompted to restart his computer.

Any tips or advice? Is this a software error? A glitch?


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Prompt to restart, as far as I know, only comes with a kernel panic. It is not a popup but the whole screen is filled with the kernel panic message.

    KPs are caused by bad hardware, bad RAM, or third-party apps that install kernel extensions.

    Have him remove any added RAM, and any external hardware he attached.

    Boot with the Shift key held down to disable extensions.

    If that fails, do an Archive and Install.

    He may be able to look in System/Library/Extensions to see if he recalls installing any of them that were not from Apple.
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