Airport Problem and questions..please help

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alright well i set up my airport extreme network with my laptop running leopard with no problem , just hooked up and done, now i can wirlessly go to the printer, but now my imac with tiger cant even see the airport, i used the same disk i used with my other computer, the imac cant find anything of the airport, i am updating my softwhere now though, i have used my imacs airport before so it works, but i cant seem to hook up to the extreme, i dont know what i will do if my software update dont fix it, now also if the fix works will i be able to just join that network like i did with my macbook? also, i have high speed internet coming later this month so right now i have nothing in the ethernet, how will i be able to set up my highspeed hooking my network cable into the airport extreme, like what will happen after i plug it into the airport? how will the network know its time to use internet, and how will i make both computers able to share the connection??

thanks so much in advance.


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    You might have the network set to only work with the 801.11n draft. You can change that in the AirPort setup options. That's the only thing that I can think of.
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