Screen Saver in Leopard

in macOS edited January 2014
I was wondering if anyone running Leopard is experiencing an increase in CPU usage/fan speed when the screen saver comes on. About a minute after the screen saver comes on, the fans crank up, as if I were using the CPU heavily, when in reality nothing is going on except the screen saver. When I check iStat Pro, it shows a jump in CPU usage when the screen saver is on, but immediately goes back to normal when it's off. It's quite annoying! This never happened in Tiger. Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have a explanation?



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    toxotestoxotes Posts: 102member
    This is a problem for me on my MacBook for some screensavers but not others. On my iMac none of the screensavers seem to be a problem. I think some are more processor-intensive than others. Are you finding this with all screensavers or just certain ones?
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