Back To My Mac-Work with Network Drives?

in macOS edited January 2014
I am interested in the Back to My Mac feature of OS X Leopard. I currently have a USB Hard Drive on my Airport Base Station. I want to upgrade it to a true Network Ethernet Based Hard Drive (NAS) and am looking for a hard drive that has the AFP Protocol and HFS +.

My Questions:

By doing this will I be able to use it with Back to My Mac. I remember Steve Jobs showing it at MacWorld and how he could access over .mac/internet his Mac Pro at his home. Will it work with this or do you need to use it only with Hard Drive inside an actual Mac Computer or a Hard Drive on a Airport Base Station. I am hoping it works with a NAS Hard Drive.

Also, I am looking for advice on a Hard Drive like this. I've heard there are few HFS+/AFP Hard Drives and have not found any yet.
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