Fully Buffered memmory.... is it needed?

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I am helping a friend pic out his new Mac Pro.

I told him to just get minimum amount of ram for it and we will just buy more ram from newegg...

anyway... I see that the Mac Pro comes with fully buffered ram..... but my question is do you have to have fully buffered ram?

Because unbuffered memmory is so much cheaper.




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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Yes, it has to have it. That is the way the Xeons work.
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    seek3rseek3r Posts: 179member
    Moreover, make sure you use ram that has decent heatsinks for the MP, normal FB DIMMs may overheat in the machine. There are 3rd party heatsinks you can add to normal ram, but honestly, your cheaper option is just to make sure you have ram with the right heatsinks. There're some on newegg, and OWC and crucial both sell ram that'll work too :-)
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    OWC will be back you old ram or you can keep and add more.
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