Macbook: Okay to self-install 3rd-party RAM upgrade?

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If I buy the current 2.2MHz white Macbook, Apple will charge $850 for the 4MB memory option.

However, Crucial offers its 4MB kit, DDR2 PC2-5300, for $159 -- I would just have to install it myself.

Is there some kind of difficulty or problem with installing these sticks in a Macbook? Do you need a special tool or something? Are the factory sticks sealed in so you void your warranty or something if you swap them out?

My current computer is an old workhorse G4 and I've been in the habit of yanking and upgrading SIMMs in it with no problem -- a few seconds' work with bare fingers. But a laptop will be new territory for me....

Thanks all....


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    My Macbook Pro was incredibly simple. I think the Macbook is pretty much the same. Look in the manual (online), there should be instructions in there for upgrading the RAM yourself. I do remember needing a very small phillips screwdriver that I didn't have, but again, everything is in the at Apple if you want to read about it in advanced.

    How to install RAM in Macbook

    Online Macbook Manual
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    Thanks v much, and for those links. Doesn't look like there's anything to worry about. Much appreciated.
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    $159 for 4MB of ram is outrageous. You can get 4GB from OWC for about $100
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