CD/DVD ejects right after inserting it (Alu iMac 20" 2GHz)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

After encoding 2-300 audio CDs in the last week, my iMac won't accept any new CD/DVD I want to give it.

It ejects the media right after being inserted.

Is there some kind of reset (like PRAM) I could do, or is the drive just broken after so many CDs?

Thanks for any input...


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    Problem solved.

    I hit the right side of the iMac a little bit right after inserting the CD.

    After that the CD stuck in the drive. But when ejecting the disk, it sound as if the CD pushes against the lids or something from the inside.

    A reboot didn't help. Maybe the CD/DVD drive is worn out now. Maybe they only have a life span of 500 CDs or so. Who knows.

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