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I am not sure if there would be a better place to post my question but it seems very hard to find iweb help, and I have looked at alot of your great sites here so I thought maybe someone could guide me or help me.

I have two registered domains at godaddy. lakeozarkcondorental.com and cedarcolors.com

I have forwarding set up to go to http://web.mac.gaubowmac/condos/welcome and http://web.mac.gaubowmac/colorsite/welcome. neither on work... I get a response of "not found on this server"

Is it possible to have iweb/imac host two different sites? To be honest I had my cedar colors site working until i started the second site.

I guess what I am asking is whoever else might be using godaddy if they set up their forwarding like I did. ie "condos" is the name of my sight in iweb, and welcome is the first page, likewise for colorsite is the name of the other site in iweb and welcome is the first page name there as well.

I am confused and been spending alot of time on trying to get this right about to give up


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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    Your URL does not look like it is formatted correctly. I think it should be something more like:



    But then, doesn't your welcome page have an extension? welcome.html or something?
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    Jupiter, thanks for taking your time to try and help me.

    should there e a www infront of the code? or just start right out with web.mac etc.

    Also, how would I know what the extension is, if there is one? I just publish through mac.com
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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    No. There is no "www".

    The extension is most likely .html. At least it was for my site. After you did a publish, did you get a "success" message? If I remember correctly, it should give you a button like "Visit Site Now" or something like that.
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    Yes, it asks if I would like to visit published site. I say yes, and it takes me to my colorsite, but not my condos site. but if I click on the address bar while the colorsite address is in there, and then back space and enter the last part of my condos site it takes me there.

    I am thinking that in mac.com- what do you suppose my personal domain name should read? should it be web.mac.com/gaubowmac? I wonder...
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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    It should be your .Mac username.
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    I suggest you use the entire URL when you redirect your visitors, and most importantly, make sure you use the correct capitalization in the URL. For whatever reason, the .mac hosting is case-sensitive. Both links below should take you to your "Colorsite", but only the first one does. Hold your cursor over the link and look at the address in the status bar (where you are going) vs. what the links actually says.



    You should make sure every page in every site uses lower-case names to avoid the problems demonstrated in the above example.
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    excellent progress now. if I add the www to cedarcolors.com, then it works... but if I just type cedarcolors.com it redirects to the apple page that says "sorry, blah blah blah"

    As for the condos link, if i type lakeozarkcondorental.com, it works, but if I type www before it, the website seems to be password protected.

    I am hoping that godaddy is still updating one of the sites so they are both the same as in both either need or don't need the www, then I can try and figure it out from there.... so exciting.

    I did change by domain name in mac.com to cedarcolors.com, but troberts you are saying to change it to gaubowmac? what exactly should it say, and i tried that before and it told me that "someone else" already uses that name? and by the way, I am changing the upper/lower case next step... thanks!
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