Beatport favour - explanation inside = )

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hey all,

i live in Australia. Recently ive stumbled upon the wonders of Beatport ( )

however, being way down south, i seem to find that particular tracks aren't available in my region (due to licensing/distribution reasons). usually this is no big deal, as i can find the track on another label.

however, ive now found a song i cant find *anywhere* else! ive tried other digital download stores, ive tried using proxies.

is it possible that someone here can help me out? if you'd be willing to, please speak up. ill fully reimburse you (via Paypal) and you get to keep the track as well (so essentially ill be paying you to buy the track, and you get to keep it). im not sure which part of the world you'll need to be in, perhaps the US or Europe.

if anyone is interested, and is familiar with Beatport, the track is called "Domino" by an artist named Oxia.

This isn't the actual song name or artist, i know for a fact that it has been mislabeled. I've listened to the audio sample, and it is quite clearly a remix of Full Intention's "I Believe In You" (though i don't know who remixed it and i cant find any references to it online!)

for anyone that is interested, the song is House with a soulful lyrical touch, and then parts which are slamming electro-esque (all the rage here in Australia) or more chilled and French-touch esque.

cheers all = )

edit: found the name of the track, still can't find it anywhere else (!!)

Full Intention - "I Believe in You (Chrissi D! Remix)"

but it's still listed as the Kontor records release of Oxia's "Domino" on Beatport


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    edit: i may have found a way round it myself (using a decent proxy and the Italian Beatport)

    will let you know if it's successful
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    forget it guys, i got it!!

    = )


    took much trial and error, and even more perseverance!!
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