iPod Touch PDA capability

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Much has been said about using the iPod Touch as a PDA but nothing in real detail.

Could an iPod Touch user please tell me about


Address Book

Note taking functionality

To do list functionality

WiFi syncing with Mac Airport

How is the keyboard to use?

I am not looking for a full blown PDA so I'm thinking the iPod Touch would be great plus it has Safari, video and music Not to mention 8GB or 16GB is much more than any regular PDA has.

Plus I'm sure there will be excellent upgrades and 3rd party apps very soon.

Basically why use a Palm when I can use an OS X native PDA like device.


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    ajpriceajprice Posts: 320member
    Good point well put, if you're going to compare the iPhone to a smartphone (palm or windows) you might as well do the same with a touch and a PDA. So I found the page for the Palm TX here.

    The 8GB iPod is a bit cheaper (the Palm has 128MB and an SD slot)

    They have the same resolution 320*480 screen.

    Palm has wifi and bluetooth, iPod has wifi

    Both have music, photo and video capability

    Both have Calendar, contacts, clock, calculator and web browser (Palm has Tasks, Notepad, Memos... nothing that couldn't be added to a touch, if you wanted to go that way.

    Palm dimensions - 78.2 x 120.9 x 15.5mm, 148g weight

    iPod dimensions - 61.8 x 110 x 8mm, 120g weight.

    I'd say the touch holds its own pretty well, and will be better when February comes.
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    successsuccess Posts: 1,039member
    Have you watched many of the iTouch/iPhone YouTube videos? Wow. These devices are going to be jam packed with apps. They already are. Some guys have 50 apps on their devices. And all the apps the iPhone has people are installing them on iTouch. i.e. mail, weather, maps, note pad etc plus cool 3rd party apps that utilize accelerometer, themes, better calendars, etc. They have these apps for the iPhone that let you draw on the photos you take then you can even shake the iphone like an etch-a-sketch and the drawing erases. haha You can put it on the iTouch too but obviously you can't take photos with it.

    For users who don't need a phone that means the iPhone only has one feature the iTouch doesn't. The camera. For me I could care less.
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