iTunes Clean Up

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Above is a link to a nice little app i made called "iTunes Clean Up." I decided I wanted to sync all of my music with my iPhone in iTunes and when I was done, I ended up deleting 7 GB of music from my library that was still sitting on my harddrive with no purpose but to waste memory.

So, I made this tool to delete it for me. The instructions are included and incredibly simple and the program is very flexible and user-friendly.

Even if you do not want to delete files off your computer, this will allow you to view how many music files are sitting worthlessly on your hard drive and not in iTunes.


P.S. This is for windows and I only have XP so if a Vista user could report the results I would appreciate it.


Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang

at directory and file list extension compilation

Tweaked the user interface

Centered the form on screen

Included the common dialog controls which were forgotten previously
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