Halo for mac

in General Discussion edited January 2014
i have recently been searching for the first halo for osx. I know macsoft published it a while back and that it has been updated more recently, yet i am unable to find any copies of it for sale anywhere. Every site i check either does not list it, or says it is out of stock. Even places like ebay or amazon do not have it. I even emailed macsoft about this, and they were nice enough to not respond at all.

After a extensive search of most online retailers, i tried some slightly more questionable methods to obtain the game. All of these required the keycode and even when i tried to place the game data into the demo, it refused to work.

So please, is there any site that would offer halo for mac. I would really prefer that it be a legal software purchase because i like to support the game developers but even they are not selling it anymore, which is sort-of ironic since it is on the front page of their website.

thanks in advanced for any help.


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