MacBook Pro & Missing Sync

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have been using Missing Sync on a PowerBook G4 running Tiger, with a Palm Treo 700P, for some time now. Recently, I installed Leopard on the G4 without any major issues except the inability of synchronizing Tasks properly. Our clinic recently added a 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro with 4 GB of SDRAM, running Leopard (to add the ability to run a very few Windows apps). Missing Sync will not launch on the new machine. The Missing Sync dock icon simply bounces in the dock and never launches the application. After spending a couple of days searching the Mark/Space support and knowledge base website and performing all their "recommended" fixes, Missing Sync (the release and beta versions) still does not launch. Their website states there are "issues" with Leopard, however there is no information on how to "fix" the problem with the application not launching, at all.

I am very pleased Apple customer and have been buying and using Macs since the original Mac Classic was introduced. The thing I have always liked about Macs is there "plug and play" characteristic - no messing with it - they just work. This latest experience with the new Mac architecture, Leopard and the inability to sync my Palm OS Treo has soured me a bit.
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