I Touch Storage

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I am about to buy an I Touch, and I was wandering if anyone knows if any time soon there might be a storage upgrade perhaps 20Gb? (Espically as SSD seem to be increasing in storage rapidly.) ??

Any info welcome!!!


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    as you know, storage has been always increased every year. so we will see double soon (32GB). but it doesn't matter if you have not many songs or other content. even you would buy small capacity one, you don't have to worry about it. why? you don't listen to all music, or watch video, right? you have to back them up to external harddrive anyway. what all you have to do is making smart playlist which could limit number of content. so evertime when you synch touch with itunes, content will be replace to new all the time. I have done this since I've used ipod. it's very convenient way you can do.
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