My secret MacBook Pro fix!

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A very interesting story and I wondered if anyone had every had anything similar happen.

I am the proud owner of a Macbook Pro. It has been a good laptop for the most part and has never really had any issues. The only thing that ever bothered me about it was that.. well... it didn't sit quite level on the table/desk. The rear left corner was like 1-1.5 mm off from the front right corner. I never took it into an Apple store or anything because it didn't bother me enough and second, how do you ask them to address laptop warp. I simply figured I would add a second rubber foot in the future to make it sit flat.

I didn't have to do that because instead, my own resident Apple Genius, my six year old inadvertently fixed it instead. See we were traveling in my truck and since I am cheap, my truck is a 1992 which means to get into the extended cab, you have to slide the front seat forward and walk on through. My six year old really didn't care to do this and instead jumped on the driver seat and jumped over the front bench seat to get to the back.

Guess what was sitting on the front bunch seat... you got it... my laptop inside the travel case.

Nothing was broken and it does now sit perfectly level on the table/desk.

So thanks son, I think, but don't let it happen again.



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    i once dropped it and took out a good chunk of the wooden stairs back home with that metal ridge below the vents in the back. Didn't fix anything, but goes to show you the durability of this design. If this was a Titanium PowerBook with its delicate hinge, it would definitely break.
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