Vertical text select in TextEdit

in macOS edited January 2014
Try selecting text in TextEdit with the option key held down. Selects text vertically...

I thought this was really weird.

Example of vertical text selection:

s over states

aper editor i

lation of the

onal liberty l


on a project to bu

together America

opportunities. Thi

nnected to Walt Di

nated Place,” as it

by Disney. Censu

vernment, but whi

uilding a huge the

to the Florida legis

provement District

low Disney to ope

ain of the Reedy C

and. The legislati

n and police, creat

ight to generate rev

other civic features

s 26). While the R

se Walt Disney w

gued in a film that

“have the flexibilit

eedom to work in

ntal Prototype Co

Creek Improveme

to some twenty th

om skyscraper to s

nd no unemploym

e]” (Franz and Col

P.S. – Don't know if this works in Tiger. I noticed it with Leopard.


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