Need Back UPS Recommendation

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Howdy. the battery on my Conext AVR 900 just konked out and Im not sure if i should buy a new battery for it or a whole new BackUPS.

There is no software for the unit I have now and during a power outage when I wasnt home the unit powered the battery for the whole time. Ideally I would like to set the sucker to just use the battery for a few minutes (I dont leave my computer on when Im not home usually).

So, any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    steve666steve666 Posts: 2,600member
    Well, since no one chimed in I decided to try a APC XS Series 900VA with AVR.

    Unfortunately it makes a slight buzzing noise and the fan always seems to be on, its annoying.

    The Conext was silent.
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    steve666steve666 Posts: 2,600member
    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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    I use an APC. The good thing is the ability of the software to do a managed shutdown of the system. You don't need to install APC's software, OS X can recognize the UPS via USB and provide the functionality you need.

    My APC unit was outdated by the time the battery died and the service guy was good enough to recommend a off-the-shelf replacement battery which works quite well.

    With regard to the noise, I would probably get it checked by the service people.
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