So What Mac would Suit me?

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So im trying to go to College for Digital Film and Movie Making. ive decided since i was planning on getting a laptop anyways, ill just make that giant leap over to Apple, Windows has pissed me off for the LAST time. I was wondering what you all the think the best Macbook would be for me to get, and what programs to use, to start doing this?

if you need me to post any other information, just ask.


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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    For working with video, the 15" Macbook Pro is going to be a good choice, if not the best.

    A "humble" Macbook is a possibility too. Combined with a large external display you have plenty of room when working at the desk, and mobility when not at the desk. For everything but the graphics chip, it's nearly as fast as the MBP.

    Apple doesn't adjust prices or do constant updates, so you're getting a much better deal if you buy right after the machine you want is updated.

    Refer to:

    Lots of memory, lots of HD space and a fast HD are good investments, but you shouldn't buy either from Apple. 3rd party parts are so much cheaper. You also don't need the largest possible HD inside the machine. Just get a 7200rpm with best price/GB, that'll probably be around 160GB. Should you need lots of storage, get an external Firewire drive later. FW800 if you have the MBP.

    For applications, unless you're already active in movie making and just want replacements for apps you had on another platform, wait till you have actually been in the school for a while. The school is guaranteed to give you the tools you need to do your work, and you'll have a much better idea of what part of the work you might want to do on your own hardware / what apps it needs.
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    thanks bud! ill look into that. i just wish those macbook pro's wernt so gosh darn expensive!
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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    I would recommend a 17" Macbook Pro. For video you need all the screen space you can get. Make sure you get 2GB of ram at least (4GB would be ideal) - you can always buy non-Apple branded ram for much cheaper if needed. Get a 7200rpm drive and I would also recommend an external HD.

    This is a really good external HD if you want something small:

    Firelite 160GB

    I have a 120GB version and it works great. The only disadvantage is the write speed.

    If you want something that's faster and has a greater capacity get one with Firewire 400 or 800.

    This one is expensive but is an example of a good one for speed/capacity:

    G-Tech 500GB (320GB version available

    As far as software goes I would highly recommend Final Cut Studio 2

    Final Cut Studio 2

    But there's a good chance you'll be using avid. You can get Avid Xpress Pro (Generally around $1500) for $290 as a student price. Xpress Pro is a slight downgrade from Media Composer which is $5000.

    Avid Xpress Pro

    Another important program is Photoshop CS3. You can look around for the best price but I'll mention that there isn't a lot of piracy protection on it, if you know what I mean.

    There's a lot of other programs out there but I'd be willing to bet you'll need either Avid/Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

    *I would wait or try to find out which programs you'll need for your courses (unless you know it's completely your choice) or if they will be provided, etc. before buying some of the more expensive stuff. It's easy to spend thousands on video editing software but with educational pricing and such hopefully you won't have to spend too much.

    Also note that if you buy Final Cut Studio 2 with the student discount you are not eligible for upgrades.
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