Can't insert album art to some songs in Itunes

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Title says it all.

Some songs accept album art some do not. I've installed and used FixTunes but still many songs cannot display album art



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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    What method are you using? Are you dragging and dropping or are you doing right click > get album artwork?
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    I've had the same problem. I've strictly used "Get Info - Add Album Art" I've run into a few(maybe 2 in the last 100 cds) that iTunes wouldn't accept any artwork at all. Regardless of the image, size, etc. All are .jpg.

    Not a big deal, but thought I'd toss out my part of this.

    Also, thanks for the drag-drop tip, didn't realize I could do this.
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    I've had the same problem for files I copied from an mp3 cd. Then I realized that those files had the attribute "Read-only" and that's why Itunes couldnt attach the album art to them. Strange that Itunes didnt tell me that... Anyway, I changed the file attributes, and voila! everything worked.
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    Had that problem only once. I used "Get Info-Add Album Art". Pretty straightforward.
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