Macbook Pro, Connecting to Network but not to Internet

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Hi, I'm new to these forums (and macs in general- got my Macbook Pro about 4 months ago).

I've been having trouble with my home network. It is a Linksys N wirless router, and initially I was able to connect to it (and the internet) fine, though it would disconnect for no reason at times... I think that was a problem with the router.

Now, however, it will connect to the network, but the internet won't work. I would assume this is a problem with the network, but my brother is running a PC and not having any of the same problems.

If anybody has any idea why this would be the case (connecting to the network but not the internet, though the network is connecting to the internet fine on other computers), I would greatly appreciate any advice.



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    Try using Network Diagnostics. It's a neat little utility that has solved problems like this for me.

    If you open safari, and it says that you're not connected to the internet, there is usually a link to it, but if not, it can be found in Macintosh HD/System/Library/Core Services. Follow the instructions, and try a couple of times as it will often start to tell you that it can't connect and then tell you that your network settings have changed and it then works.
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    Great, thanks a lot- I haven't had a chance to try it (I'm away from home right now) but I definitely will when I get back. I appreciate your response and will give it a try, thanks!
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