iBook can?t see airport express network

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hi! iʻm running an airport express, powerbook G4, OSX 10.4.11, WEP 40 bit network -

i canʻt get my iBook G3 10.2.8 to see the network. it did before i upped the ibook iPod updates which supposedly are for improving itunes compatibility with one of the ipod devices, which i donʻt use. i dragged airport to the top in network config, which did the trick when i first set up to get into the 10.4.0, and later, 10.4.11 network, but now, all i get is "no airport network in range", even though iʻm right next to the express.

how can i get it to find the airport network?

mahalo plenty


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    oh well, thank goodness no one wasted any time trying to solve this one for me - i took the whole setup to the local independent mac service people, who checked all the typical network preferences and other such things, checked the card-to-board physical connection. they finally swapped out the card, and voila! network connection. so i guess i need to learn what the flags and other messages in ʻAbout this Macʻ mean, since that may have been the only clue that there was something amiss with the actual hardware.
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