Car Media/Navigation/iPhone Integration

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normally, I like to cruise the Yahoo Finance message boards and read the idiotic statements about how AAPL is going to $10, or to $400 next week. Crazy people. I ran across someone who actually has a good idea:

"Ok so I have been speanding much time looking over car head units to work with my iTunes. But may are just like a blackberry in design conplicated and not very fun or inovative.

What if Apple did what they did to the phone industry...... to the car music industry?

A Apple car headunit or medua reciver introduced at Macworld! A total sleeper move! Supports HD, WiFi and Google Maps. Plus have iphone blutoooth functions. The best part of all a full version of Leopard on it.

This was just a thought but I wish I was on the design team so I could make it happen!!"


"Great concept - but why build it into the car? If you do that, you need to share profit with the car makers, make deals with them, wait for them to re-engineer their dashboards, etc. Just build a hand held (a 5 or 6 inch screen) and let people take it anywhere - the car, the boat, the train, whatever. You can call it an iPod Touch Maxi - sell it for around $699 with 3G, navigation option, etc. Works in any car!"

"This is my new inovation that the Apple Team should consider!!

iCar Media Reciever


Touch Screen

HD Video Playback

WIFI Internet and AT&T Internet Service

Cover Flow

Full Version of Leopard

Bluetooth Phone Functions

Google Maps and GPS

Webcam Intstalled Standard

Web Based iPhone Apps Work

3rd PTY SDK Package


World Clock

Stocks Streaming

User profile regantion by Webcam


Add your thoughts this could open up a whole world of computer controled cars and really make it possible for GPS and Radar controlled cars

You clould make it a removable face!!!"


I actually like where this person's head is at. Apple could easily create a GPS/Mac/iPod module to take (or install) into a car.

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