Why doesn't like Flash Player?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I tried searching around for info on this, but the "iPhone Lacks Flash" situation has prevented me from getting accurate search results.

My question is why doesn't Apple like Adobe Flash Player? They seem to go out of their way to avoid using it for anything. Their products. Their websites. I can't think of a single time they've used Flash for anything. And Flash has to be one of the greatest web technologies that's every existed. It's compatibility is unmatched. It's lightweight and incredibly versatile. In my opinion, it should be used as the sole or at least primary platform for all embedded video on the web.

But Apple tries to use QuickTime as a Flash alternative, and admittedly they do a pretty good job. I'm often astounded at what they can do with QuickTime on Apple.com. And I am a huge fan of QuickTime HD video. It's a great way to distribute downloadable content. But at the end of the day, it's significantly less efficient than Flash. Why in the world would you use it as a navigational tool and sole embedded video platform? It seems self-serving and stubborn. They can't possibly view Flash as a direct competitor to any of their products.

So, is there something in Apple's history that makes them hate Flash? Or even just a good reason why they wouldn't use it?
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