Movie quality on iMac

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does anyone else have super crappy grainy quality on every DVD or video from itunes on their iMac (alum mid 2007)?

I'm really disappointed in the shabby graining crap I'm getting from videos I occasionally watch on here. Any solutions or any one else experiencing this?


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    No way around it when watching full-screen.

    iTunes stuff is low-res and at full screen an iMac 20" is almost a 1080p HD display....

    that's one of the reasons many people are complaining that there's no HD stuff on iTunes. iTunes is advertised as playing movies on your iMac or (through AppleTV) on your bigscreen TV... but the media being offered isn't up to the experience!
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    thank you kings. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one disappointed. I thought my display looked pretty dang sexy until I saw a movie on it...then an itunes movie on it. Lets hope apple hears this stuff and starts offering HD in their Jan. event.
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    what would you rather?

    long downloads for hd or short quick downloads?
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    long downloads get my vote.
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    Rather than being indicative of a poor display...the graininess you see is actually indicative of a good quality picture with poor quality media. Try downloading some of the free trailers in HD from Apple's QuickTime website.
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