External Drive Issues

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I finally got a sweet deal on a Mac Pro since my dealer senses something new coming our way. So this means moving everything from the MDD to the new machine.

Six months ago I started planning for a move such as this by installing a SATA card and drive into the MDD thinking that all I'd have to do, when I finally purchased a MP, was to pop it into the new machine and continue working. Part of this has worked out and part not.

The drive (Seagate 320gb, 7200, 16mb cache running Leo 10.5.1) went in with only a few bugs that I'm sure I can work out except one.

The main thing that's bugging me is the fact that I cannot connect any external enclosures to this machine whether it's FW or USB. The drive that I'm attempting to connect is an ATA (Seagate 160gb) drive that was in the MDD running Tiger. I need access to this for all the old jobs on it, which take up about 120gb. I've tried both USB and FW enclosures, setting the drive to Master and Cable Select, connecting via both crossover cable and regular ethernet cable from one machine to another and also tried Target Disk Mode (start up with T key) with the drive back in the MDD. All were unresponsive. I updated the MP's system to the latest (10.5.1) and zapped the PMU, this didn't help either. What does it take to get this drive to mount on the MP? I know that the MP is a new machine to me, but come on; I can't recall any machine or version of OS X giving me such a problem.

Edit in: I can't recall if the enclosures have Oxford chipsets, but I highly doubt they do. These were read fine with all my machines (G4's and a G5), is the MP more picky about this requirement?

Thanks for any light you may shed,

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