Desktop acting weird, having no sufficient permissions

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Since installing the latest Security Update (2007-009) (Appleinsider article) and restarted, I can't write files to my Desktop (user/desktop) anymore. And when I want to move a file from the desktop to a subfolder, it get's copied.

Has anybody else encountered this problem?

And can I uninstall the Security Update, to make sure it was the fault of the Update?

My Mac: iMac, C2D. 2GHz, 2GB, 20", 10.5.1

Thanks for any input.

PS: Why is it, that while in a network, I can see a Windows PC, can see its Shared Docs, copy them to my computer, but can't write anything to the Shared Docs (was able to do that a while ago)?


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    Go to Disk Utility (easiest way is to Spotlight the word "Disk"), and choose your Macintosh HD. Then choose "Repair Disk Permissions". If that doesn't work, right-click on the desktop, go to Get Info, and change the permissions of your user to "Read & Write".
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    The right click on the desktop was enough. Thank you for that (simple) idea.

    And it was me who changed the settings. In the Sharing System Preference Pane, under File Sharing I set the Desktop for Read Only for my user.

    And I really hoped to blame this on the Update. But what ever, it works again.
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