Quicksilver worth it?

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so i've recently become interested in this program. i have a fairly good understanding of how to use it, but browsing this forum and a few others, i've read that QS slows down the performance of the computer because of excessive ram usage. is this true? i have little trouble getting around my comp as is, but QS seems to be the thing to do with apples, and i was wondering if the hit in performance really is as big as people make it out to be.




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    I never noticed any QS related os slowdown.

    If there is any, it is way more than offset by the productivity gains you can achieve using QS IMHO.

    There cannot be enough praise for this wonderfull app.

    It does have a learning curve but hang in there (and watch some of the introductory videocasts around the net for some great tips) and soon you'll be wondering how you ever used your mac without it.
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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member
    QS worth it - yes - nuff said.
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    I never found it useful.
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    lirandlirand Posts: 174member
    Originally Posted by MrSin View Post

    QS worth it - yes - nuff said.

    Don't you think the new "Spotlight Launcher" in Leopard makes it obsolete?
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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member
    Originally Posted by lirand View Post

    Don't you think the new "Spotlight Launcher" in Leopard makes it obsolete?

    If I just used it as an application launcher, possibly. Plugins, data manipulation and quicksilver's ability to adapt to the way the user works, and what the user works with, is part of what makes it indispensable for some of us. If all I used it for was an application launcher, the dock would suffice for that - with stacks and all? While I'm here and to the best of my knowledge, the latest version of QS is 1.0b54.
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