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I want both OS X ang 9 on my 30Gb HD, how should I partition my HD?

I've heard someone say that the OS must be in the first 8GB of the drive, is that true?


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    OSX and OS9 can happily coexist on the same partition. I don't partition any of my drives.
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    Yep, I would highly HIGHLY suggest you simply run them on the same partition.
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    xeoxeo Posts: 33member
    [quote]Originally posted by :-):


    I want both OS X ang 9 on my 30Gb HD, how should I partition my HD?

    I've heard someone say that the OS must be in the first 8GB of the drive, is that true?</strong><hr></blockquote>The 8GB thing is only for Beige G3s and Wallstreet Powerbooks. Any other supported Macs can have any size boot drive so long as OS X will fit on it. My boot drive is 40GB. As said, OS 9 and OS X live very nice together on the same drive. I wouldn't waste my time partitioning them but that's just my opinion.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,874member
    Don't agree. I just partitioned my Pismo drive. There are some kinds of problems that can occur.....and if they happen you will be glad you partitioned. I am having HD problems machine is going back to Apple.....the point is that if I hadn't paritioned my drive, then the other night when the OSX partition went down I might have been seriously screwed. But I wasn't because I could still boot into 9 and have more felxibility fixing the problem.

    OS 9 needs at least 2 GB of space to run comfortably. I am at 9GB for X and 3.24 for 9.

    HIGHLY SUGGESTED. Sure, they will run on the same partition. It is better to partition though!
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    If you want to do it right make 3 partitions; one for X, one for 9, and one for swap, and then read one of the tutorials about moving the OSX swap file to that partition.

    Has to be done in the Terminal, but isn't that hard. Search on for swap and you'll come up with the info you need.

    Just checked my dad's Lombard, which has a swap partition, but hadn't had the file moved yet, and the disk fragmentation was so bad that the X partition was one step from failure. DiskWarrior could not even replace the directory. This hard drive was formatted for the first time and installed in late November, and he's not a power user.

    So after I used Norton to defrag (this is one good reason to have a seperate 9 partition btw, so you can run Norton 6 on the X partition, which is really the only disk utility that works on OSX and actually does anything of value) I moved the file to the swap partition.

    We then used it for two more days to install lots of new software and reconfigure his settings and generally move lots of stuff around, and it barely fragged the drive at all. I'll check on it next time I see him, probably in a couple of months, but I expect it to be unfragged when I do.

    This has helped with my Beige G3 as well.
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    My plan for my new G4 800 DP is the following:

    80 GB Drive

    -34 MB &gt; OS X, Classic, and Apps

    -20 MB &gt; Data and Users

    -6 MB &gt; Download

    -20 MB &gt; Storage

    40 GB Drive

    -1 MB &gt; OS 9.1

    -1 MB &gt; CD Burning partition

    -the rest will be backup

    This will probably change over the next few days, but it's my preliminary plan. I would recommend to everyone that they
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