Vista/PC Banner Ads

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Why so many Vista banner ads on AppleInsider? I realize they are on a random rotation, but honestly -- it seems every page I go to on this site, I see the Vista logo everywhere! I suppose Microsoft is wanting a few 'switchers' too.


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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    I've only seen the occasional Zune ad. But I'm not sure that AI has enough jurisdiction to monitor the ads as closely as to isolate Microsoft ads. The one thing that rages me is the Vista/Sony Vaio ads in the Macworld Magazine. They put them on the inside cover and on the back - disgraceful.
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    I haven't seen Vista ads or Zune ads, but I have seen the ad for the new Gateway PC.

    I have also seen the ads in Macworld Magazine and that also makes me red with fury.
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