Any Music Software and Adobe CS3 Recommendations?

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I have a two questions, one relating about music software, the other about Adobe CS3.

I'm going to be able to buy a Mac very soon (iMac 24", 2.4 GHz Intel Extreme 2, 2 GB Ram, 750 GB Hard Drive), and am also purchasing some music software, as I am seriously thinking about becoming a music composer. I plan to purchase Logic Studio 2, and the GarageBand Jam Packs. Is there any other major pieces of software I should think about purchasing? I'm planning on buying the best studio in the world yet, as I'm not 100%, yet I think this is good enough to start with.

My second question, is about Adobe CS3. The family is planning on purchasing Photoshop at least, as apart form it could help me with certain courses to present my music, my sister's hobby is art. Is there any other CS3 things we should purchase? We can't purchase EVERYTHING from Adobe, as it'd likely be too expensive. We're not looking into professional editing, they'd be mainly for hobbies, and other helpful creations if we ever come to need it.

On a side note, we are also likely purchasing Final Cut Express 4, if that helps. Any other software you recommend?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Pixelmator may suit your image-editing needs, and it's only $59.
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    ArtRage is pretty good for art things from the reports I've been given. Try it out. They have both free and paid versions.
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    Thanks. What about music? And I'm guessing you don't recommend CS3?
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    fulmerfulmer Posts: 171member
    Originally Posted by -Nova- View Post

    Thanks. What about music? And I'm guessing you don't recommend CS3?

    The new Logic Studio is great. I used to use Logic Express 7 and just upgraded to Studio 8. It's a very nice package, and not that bad of a price either.
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