No Flash selector in QT prefs

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Just tried something on my home machine that my work iMac has no trouble with: watching a Flash movie in QT. It says I need to turn on Flash in the prefs, but when I open prefs, there is no Flash button anywhere.


I have updated all apps, including the latest Adobe player...


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    My home machine is a G5 dual core 2.0 running 10.4.11 with all updates complete.

    Any ideas on how to get flash working in QT? I even have QT pro!
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    It is the latest version of QT: Apple deleted the Flash compatibility.

    This sucks. QT is a pain in the rear to roll back and without it I cannot get my work done on my home machine. Thankfully I have my MBP with me and hadn't updated it yet.

    Please, Apple, do not delete functionality!
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