Kensington Mouse in a box optical pro, BIG problem

in macOS edited January 2014
Ok maybe not THAT big but Big... 3 of my 5 buttons fail to work in applications... I had been playing quake 3 and RtCW with no problem for quite some time. I had all the buttons set up nicely... then after a 2 week break from my computer I returned and meddled with a few things and updated OSX to 10.1.2 after this the mouse buttons failed to work... well the left and right work ass dows the wheel up and down but the wheel in and the two sides don't work...

The driver allows me to adjust them for the finder but the finder setting appear to apply to all my games... for example in RtCW (MP test) if I use my thumb button (set to drag in the finder) the gun shoots until i press the button again... but I cannot assing the button another function in the setup... it simply says "mouse 1" when i click it to input the function. I tried reinstalling the drivers and taking them out all together but am trying to avoid a time consuming reinstall of OSX... any help?
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