Imac starts then shuts down

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My son has a 20'' imac core duo (about 18 months old) He is using a clean install of Leopard 10.5.1. After using boot camp to install Windows xp He then had start up problems. He eventually managed to restore the partion back to just Osx but is still getting the boot up problem. He gets the sound and the white screen with the apple logo and then it switches off. Managed to get the Leopard disk in to try and boot from that but it does it again after pressing option key to choose which to boot from. Tried resetting the smc and pram but other than the option key nothing seems to work. Now can't get it to eject the disk on boot up using the mouse key!!!

Totally at a loss as to whats wrong! Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks Picard323


Managed to put it into firewire mode enough time to notice that the hard drive was stating only 1.33gb of space left when there should be at least 180gb. Ran disk utility verified disk , came back ok started an erase and then it shut down AGAIN! Put in original Tiger disk and tried rebooting holding down C but gets to same screen and shuts down. Anyone have any idea - Getting desperate now!!! Please!!!


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    Sounds like you have severe hardware malfunctions, most likely a faulty power supply. The only real recourse is to take the unit to an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
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    Was starting to think that would be my only course of action! Going to take it in tomorrow hopefully get it sorted. Anyone have an idea how much a new power supply will cost? Thanks
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    Originally Posted by Picard323 View Post

    Anyone have an idea how much a new power supply will cost? Thanks

    $49 to $59, plus labor.
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    Got it checked out at my local apple store. It was the power supply, pick it up today.

    Thanks for the Help.

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