has anyone done this before in iTunes

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
You know how there is that "Keep iTunes folder oganized"? Well I am in a tricky situation. What I am wondering is: Let's say you have an iTunes launch from sratch and after you launch you drag a folder with 1,000 songs or so to the iTunes window and import. In the prefs you have 'keep organized' and 'copy songs to iTunes folder'. Now after all of the song's are copied over and organized and what not, I go in and delete the songs BUT not "Move to trash" so they are still there and organized in the iTunes folder. I quit iTunes and launch again. I drag the iTunes folder to the iTunes window and import the songs again, BUT, this time "Copy to iTunes folder" is turned OFF. Now my question is if I go and organize songs by changing the artist and song title will iTunes keep the folder organzied and move stuff in that folder around? and change the folder names and such? I don't want create a new user account a test it.


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