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in iPhone edited January 2014
The iPhone site on apple.com has, for more than a few weeks now, featured dozens and dozens of third-party web apps for the iPhone.

Yet, I have barely seen any discussion of it on AI.

What's the scoop on those?


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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    They've been there for a long time - I think there was a little bit of dicussion, they're just websites formatted at the right size for iPhones. There's not very many useful/fun ones either in my opinion.
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    I haven't looked in a month. Some nice calculators and weather apps...

    Maybe someone out there could make a good flashlight web app and call it iLight.

    Better still, Apple ought to make the iLight one of the feature apps. It would be every coder's dream app to write...
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    discodisco Posts: 83member
    I just noticed that Trek Bikes now has an iPhone site. That's strange timing.
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