How Long Does It Take Now To Activate

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I have had my iphone since the first day and still not having any trouble at all.... all that I expected and more. My phone has not been hacked and glad I waited for the ring tones from iTune. Because of my satisfaction a good friend of mine just ordered one for he and his wife and will be arriving today. Mine was a simple start up because I was a Cingular customer at the time. He will be moving from Verizon to A.T.&T. now and he was asking me how long has it been taking to get it activated. Earlier I read some post that it was taking a usually long time but after 6 months I assume that has changed


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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    Last weekend, I watched a friend as he activated his well as port his Sprint number over to AT&T. From the time he plugged his phone into iTunes to when was able to make a call was about 10 minutes.

    Mine took 48 hours on day 1.
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    I'm an existing AT&T customer and it took about 5-6 minutes. Not bad at all.
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    Mine took less than 5 minutes on launch day, at 6:15 pm. I know no one will believe me.

    My fiancee got one recently and it took about as long.
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    chrisgchrisg Posts: 239member
    Mine, 2 weeks in took about 10 minutes to make calls and then 2 days for my incoming calls to stop going to my old verizon phone. A helped a friend activate hers and it took about 10 minutes from start to finish with calls working both directions, I was shocked.
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