I had this and boy was it fun!

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Winter Vomiting Bug


People who catch the bug are violently sick and may get a mild fever, aching limbs, headaches and cramps. The illness lasts between 12 and 60 hours.

I got this on Christmas Eve after a day spent hugging on and wrestling with various nieces and nephews. It redefines suck. We drove home and suddenly I was feeling nauseous. We get home and it begins to feel like a knot tightening up slowly in my abdominal tract. It tightened to the point of causing such pain that at around 2-3 a.m. I was seriously considering going to the hospital. Instead I suddenly got violently sick and projectile vomited for around 5 minutes. After that I felt much better, the pain was gone and I slept for several hours.

This bug is just like food poisoning. If it hadn't hit different family members on completely different days and meals we probably would have attributed it to the food.


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    2 of my kids got that last month... The rest of the family escaped, but I got to clean up after them for 3 days (4-year-olds aren't all that adept at making it to the toilet/sink/garbage can in time), as the wife has a hard time keeping her OWN food inside when SHE has to clean it up
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