Need Advise On Secure Wireless Network

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Just returned form the Apple store genius bar... I have an Airport Extreme base station with one Airport Express for my home network. Last night while setting up a password to make my network secure my Express quit responding. After setting up my password and resetting the EXPRESS QUIT. I have had this for at least two years and could not even after going back to my original setting get the Express to communicate.I took my MacBook Pro and the Express to the Genius Bar and he checked my laptop and said he did not see any problem. Then he tried the Express and could get any responce even with the ethernet cord. He then went to the shelf and handed me a brand new one and said that it should not have quit. Tomorrow I plan to add another Express so I do not have to move the one from one side of the house when sitting far away from the base... a large house. Now exactly how do I set up a secure network.... I know I have to use WEP 40 bit or WEP 128 bit is the correct. Also does this slow down the network? Thanks for your responce !!

Also do I set the password only on the base station or do I have to set the password on the Express unit or do they simply respond thru the base unit?


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    I do not have the A. Express because it would slow down my network from "n" to "g" speed. I do have to say that "g" speed most likely will not affect your internet speed but rather affect wireless data transfer speed between computers if you happen to use it that way ( which I do).
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