Can't Get Airport Extreme Set Up :(( No!!!!

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An error occurred while joining the selected wireless network

Someone help, I cannot get this network set up. Just bought an Airport Extreme Base Station.

After several rescans I can "eventually" find the base station, but each and "every" time I click "Continue" I see this same drop-down error message - as above.




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    network diagnostics help?

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Originally Posted by bobmarksdale View Post

    network diagnostics help?


    Thanks but no look with those either
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    carniphagecarniphage Posts: 1,984member
    Run an ethernet cable between the computer and router for the setup.
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    Best way to set it up is to bring your computer right next to the base station whilst setting it up.

    I had a few problems with setting up mine from my very immobile Mac Pro upstair, so I had to use a MacBook Pro sitting near the base station to set it up. Also, it's possible your computer is outside the range of the base station. If this so true, you can boost the stations signal by tweaking some settings in the software, but this isn't a really good fix because it just gets slower the further you get from it. The other way is to by a Airport Express and set it up to "bridge" the signal. One final way that actually can affect the signal a lot is placement. The airport performs best when it is higher up. Also make sure you don't have any significant amounts of metal that would block the signal between the base station and your computer. Microwaves and wireless phones (not cell phones) can also affect the signal. If this is the case, switch the channel or the frequency used. The n standard seems to solve a lot of problems with other wireless devices.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Half an hour worth of tech support later, we found out it's a hardware issue. The Base Station is a dud of some sort, they're sending me a new one as I type this.
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