Macworld Apple 2008 KEYNOTE transcript LEAKED

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Perhaps I should have titled it differently.

Mods, please delete other thread :- still NO sub $1000 machine with decent graphics.

First post - love Apple. Saw this, found it interesting.

Not sure how much is true.

(SNIP) - begin copy

As everybody?s favorite keynote of the year approaches, more and more rumors about the great iProducts to come begin floating around the great rumor mill. I have no idea if it is real or not, but I wouldn?t doubt it. Here?s a summary of the speculated things to come. Here?s a compiled list of what MacRumor?s two transcripts consist of. Remember, none of this is guaranteed and nothing is promised, so don?t hold your breath on it.

Mac Nano

?\tRedesigned Mac?Mini

?\tHalf the height as its predecessor

?\tNow has an anodized aluminum shell.

?\t2.2GHz and 2.4GHz Santa Rosa chips

?\t32GB flash solid state drive (64GB build-to-order option, also option for 160GB conventional HDD)

?\tOn sale at MacWorld, ships February

Mac Pro

?\tBased off the Penryn chipset

?\tDual 2.8 GHz Penryn Xeons standard

?\t2GB of RAM standard

?\t320GB HDD standard

?\tNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT Graphics standard

?\tBlu-Ray build-to-order option for an extra $400

MacBook Pro

?\tMobile Penryn Chipset

?\t2.4GHz and 2.6GHz Speeds

?\t17? gets LED backlighting

?\t15? gets a build-to-order higher resolution similar to the 17? model

?\tKeeping the 8600M GT graphics, but upping the video memory to 256MB and 512MB

?\tBlack anodized aluminum option similar to the iPod classic

?\tOn sale at MacWorld, ships February

Cinema Displays

?\tBuilt in 2 megapixel iSight camera

?\tSame resolutions

?\tLED backlighting

?\tAll support 1080HD

?\tNew Prices : 20?: $399; 23?: $599; 30?: $1,249

?\tOn sale at MacWorld, Available at MacWorld

MacBook Nano

?\tUltraportable Mac

?\tSame screen resolution and size as the current MacBooks; 13? at 1280x800

?\t1.6GHz and 1.8GHz low voltage Core 2 Duos

?\tLow end model to feature a 32GB SSD and the higher end to have a 64GB SSD

?\t$1,499 and $1,999 Respectively

?\tNo Optical Drives

?\tIntel Integrated Graphics

?\t10 Hours of Battery Life

?\tOn sale at MacWorld, Available at MacWorld


?\tSDK Available at MacWorld

?\tDevelopers can sell their signed apps from iTunes starting in March

?\tNew software includes Multimedia messaging, video recording with the camera, and an eBook reader

?\tiPhone games available from the iTunes store

?\t3G iPhone announced (looks similar to the existing model)

?\tiPhone available in more countries

iTunes & iPod

?\tiTunes 8 released along with Movie Rentals and eBooks

?\tSoftware update for iPod Classics and Touches to support eBooks

Front Row 3.0

?\tAll Leopard compatible Macs will be able to use it

?\tSupport for the iTunes Store

?\teBook Reader

?\tSDK for 3rd Parties to make plugins

?\tCan be controlled via Apple Remote, iPhone, or iPod Touch

?\tiCal, Mail, and Safari integration


?\tNew product not in the MacBook family

?\tTwo 9" multitouch-sensitve widescreens, both at 1280 x 854

?\tInnovative, minimalist, two-way folding/sliding, dual-screen, multi-position design with magnetic clasps. Inspired by the paperback book, but thinner, more flexible and surprisingly tough.

?\tNo optical drive or mechanical HDD, uses a SSD drive.

?\tWill run most existing OS X apps when in dual screen mode; 2nd screen becomes keyboard and touchpad

?\tiPhone-ish springboard when in single screen mode

?\tMultitouch sensitive version of iPhoto

?\tBluetooth, 802.11b/g, USB2.0, optical/analogue audio in/out, built in speakers & microphone.

Remember, nothing here is guaranteed, but it sure does sound awesome



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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    and now you're kind of spamming the board.

    Welcome, and please enjoy your time at AI, but you're not off to the best of starts.
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    mrtotesmrtotes Posts: 759member
    I can't imagine why anyone would think to put SSD in the Mac Mini. It needs a new aluminium case and a 3.5" HDD. If it could have HDMI rather than DVI, then Apple can call it the Apple TV Pro rather than the Mac Mini.
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    Originally Posted by Flounder View Post

    and now you're kind of spamming the board.

    Welcome, and please enjoy your time at AI, but you're not off to the best of starts.

    Thanks. LOL. Glad to be here.

    I did ask that the mods delete the other post. Also, spoke with someone that SAW the real deal FCP (new) and said it is very, VERY apple like. Not like iMovie, but different than its present carnation.

    Regarding the rumors, I knew there would be monitors. Made sense really, just gut a iMac and there you go as well as price cuts. Wish there was a sub par gaming rig. Unreal 3 plays well on iMac in Windows. OSX version due out next month.

    Also think that offering a monitor with eSATA would have been a good option. Since the iMac is gutted, why not offer the option of a EXPRESS card (similar to firmteks) that has eSATA card and room for two (2) hard drives similar to the new docking (rumored).

    Have a nice day.
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