How do I add pics to my .mac homepage?

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Hello all,

I've tried almost everything, except the right way apparently, to add pics to my current .mac homepage.

I can get to edit, and it will let me change titles, descriptions, etc, but how do I add or change pictures??

I use this homepage to show pics of my vacation rental, and I want to add some new pictures, and change some other ones. This should be easier.

I have the pictures on my desktop, and on my idisk. I do not have iweb.

I am running 10.4.11 Tiger.

Thank you in advance for your help. If I can't easily do this, it may convince me to just not renew .mac.......I sometimes wonder why I even still pay for it.

Awaiting your needed help.........Frank D.


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    Well... how ARE you making the web-site, if you're not using iWeb?... knowing what method you ARE using might generate more helpful responses than knowing what you are not using.

    Using iWeb, it's easy.

    Using Dreamweaver, it's simple.

    Using Pages or Word, it's not too hard.

    Using Text Edit and raw HTML and FTP upload... as powerful as any other method, but far from simple
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    I'm sorry, but I don't really remember how I made was just through .mac.

    .mac walks you through making a homepage from pictures in your iphoto.

    I think I just picked a folder of pictures in iphoto, clicked "homepage" and there it was.

    I could then edit and put descriptions for each photo, then preview, then publish.

    I just can not figure out how to add or change photos without making a whole different page.

    Thanks, Frank D.
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    hmm.... the "pages" are stored in a folder on your "iDisk".

    Short of re-working the site using iWeb (which would then allow you to make incremental changes), I think you might have to make any changes "manually".

    It sounds like working with raw HTML is not something you really want to do though. If your photos are in iPhoto, just re-doing the whole page might not be TOO difficult. I believe iPhoto still has a web-page feature... though maybe it only links to iWeb now.
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    Thank you.

    I think iweb is only part of the newest version of did not come with tiger, so I do not have it.

    Last time I had to revise the pictures, I just deleted the homepage and made a new one from scratch, which was not too bad, but there has to be an easy way of just adding another picture or two from your idisk or your iphoto without doing that.

    I searched the .mac help pages.......they talk all about editing the text, moving pics around, changing the title, but nothing tells you how just to add a picture, or change a picture.

    It should be such a simple thing......I did some major work recently on our vacation rental home, and want the pictures to now look like the house does after the new work.

    My son, a graphic designer, wants to just make me a regular website for the rental home.....but this was supposed to be a band-aid fix until he does.

    Thanks for taking the time to help...........Frank D.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    • Go to .Mac and login.

    • Click on the page you want update on the left side under My Pages.

    • Click the www button next to the My Pages heading.

      It looks like this (with my annotation) :

    • Select the page that you want to edit and click Edit below that selection.

    Oh wait, strike all that crap above - I just reread your post.

    Simply mount your iDisk, double-click your iDisk on your desktop and drag the pictures that you want to add to your page to your Pictures folder within your iDisk.

    Then, when you go to edit your page the pictures will be there (of course, allowing time for your iDisk on your desktop to sync the pictures).
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    Thanks Cake!

    Actually, I just was playing with it again, and figured out a way.......I do not know if it was the best or easiest, but it worked.....

    I first made a new album in iphoto with the revised pictures, every picture I wanted in the finished homepage, clicked homepage in iphoto.

    A dropdown menu gives you 3 options,

    1) make a new page

    2) replace the existing homepage

    3) edit your existing homepage

    Clicking edit was NOT the thing to cannot add pics that way. Clicking replace your homepage did the long as you make a separate folder in iphoto with exactly the pics you want in your finished product.

    Editing only lets you rewrite titles, etc. You would think edit would mean change anything you want. You have to "replace" to change any pictures. Oh well........

    Thanks to all!! Frank D.
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