virtual shared desktop and the future of osX in the enterprise

in macOS edited January 2014
A sunday afternoon with a friend of mine we had the following killer idea (before finding similar idea with google searches).

We were talking about this common situation when someone has a sample code or sample html, sample image, sample text document and I want to copy paste it, or I want to edit it (from my computer). Or I have a big urlin my omniweb browser and want to share it with my friend (I can send it by mail).

So I would like to be able to accomplish this by i.E. right clicking on my window (word, omniweb, project builder) and in the contextual menu choose share this window has 'shared window in the shared virtual desktop'. This shared virtual desktop would be accessible to a group of user or ...

I think this should be quite easy to build in osX with the beautiful implementation of the clipboard, isn't it?

I see it as an application with 'shared windows' (the windows shared by the other users.

Do you ever thought of it? Do you think it could be useful? Do you think it could be the killer osX app for the enterprise and more?
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