Dock efficiency idea:

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Don't you reckon that folders placed in the dock should bring up the "Apple-menu"-style view of their contents immediately on the first click, and that holding down the mouse longer should bring up a finder window? It's the opposite way round at the moment.

Doing things that way would save me.....Oh, 4 seconds a day


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    ybotybot Posts: 329member
    Well since I have a multi-button mouse I don't mind right-clicking to get the contents of a folder, but for 1-button mouse people I can see how that would be an annoyance. Apple should at least make it an option to invert those settings in the Finder prefs.

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    Whoa... Didn't know it worked like that on a multi-button mouse.
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    OS X is made for a two button mouse. It's a shame that Apple doesn't make a two button mouse standard.

    Guitarbloke, you can also hold the ctrl key when you click on a folder to get a menu.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Good idea. But I think it would be weird to hold it down and have the directory window open in the finder.

    How about this - at the bottom of the list that comes up, an option to "Show in Finder" like there is for apps now.
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    From a usability and consistency standpoint I have to strongly disagree with the suggestions above.

    First, when you click a folder icon in the dock, it's on the release that the action (opening the finder window) is performed. If I were to hold down the mouse to open up the finder window, where do I release the mouse button? If I release it over the icon in the dock, then I've just performed a different action (press-release, not press-hold). If I move it outside of the icon, I've just performed a click and drag which should move the folder - either to remove it from the dock or to move it within the dock. This solution is not only unacceptable, it does not function.

    Second, a "show in finder" function could not work as suggested as currently, show in finder highlights the file in the finder. What you want this to do with a folder it to open the folder, not highlight it. Thus you have an inconsistent function which will lead to confusion.

    I think that the way the dock handles folders now is the best possible way it could. If those four seconds are that worth it to you, there's always the CTRL button...

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