OSX's inability to remember preferences

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You might have noticed it, especially on a portable. Mouse speed, appearance theme, desktop picture, Internet system setting, not to mention Finder preferences keep reverting back to the original without warning. Worst of all is the case of vanishing application settings, take Stickies for example. Had my whole calendar safely tucked on a Stickie, or so I thought, until it too did reset. This because Palm Desktop Beta also did forget the information so carefully entered... I guess my last resort is keeping this kind of info in a TextEdit document which feels a bit stoneage.

The list is long, and this is no isolated malfunction. I've seen this on three of my personal Macs. It's got something to do with logging in and out.

I wish Apple resolves this in 10.1.3 but somehow I'm not too hopeful. I guess this flaw runs deep into the OS itself.

I just hope this kind of crap happens to SJ himself occasionally, giving Avie and Schiller a proper telling off...


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    ...oh, and just try unchecking the Feedback by Sound preference in PowerPoint. See how long the silence lasts. Before you know it it's plink ploink going on again...
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    I guess I'm lucky because I've never experienced that problem except with one third party screen saver. I've used X on two of my Macs (A TiBook and a desktop PM G4). Odd.
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    Yeah, I'm getting tired of re-setting my mouse speed settings in OSX.... only on my Powermac, not my iBook.
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    The Stickies bug is fairly well-known. I agree; it should be fixed soon.

    Palm Desktop Beta is, well, a beta. As always, YMMV. The Palm Beta is known to cause all sorts of wild problems. I'd suggest removing it from any computer that doesn't absolutely need it.

    And as for the mouse, could you please give examples of when it happens? Games are often the culprit there, forgetting to revert to previous settings upon closing.

    I've only seen my desktop picture reset a few times when I've had hard crashes or panics. Again, could you list some circumstances?

    Of course, you should take the time to list each of these (with many more details!!) in feedback reports to Apple.
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    I didn't know about the Stickies bug. All the same Apple should have ironed out such a simple flaw by now.

    The Palm Desktop seemed to suffer from the same problem as Stickies. That lead me to suspect an OS related issue.

    The mouse is indeed reset by RtCW but also by some other applications as well. Can't really remember which. Apple should engineer a master setting which can be temporarely offset but not permantently changed.

    The Deskop picture resets whenever my TiBook is put to Sleep with multiple displays. More of a cosmetic problem but highly visible for PC bystanders.

    Apple should not release software which contain bugs leading to data loss. This preference mess needs to be sorted out by 10.1.3. It's put a big dent in my OS X evangelism at the office. All to the great satisfaction of my PC workmates... <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" />

    Anyone got the feedback adress? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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    I thought that the "mouse speed" re-set problem was just random, but I figured out that it has to do with two things:

    1. sleep/wake from sleep

    2. use of my KVM switch (switch over to Win2k machine and then back)

    Both of these events will cause the mouse tracking speed settings to be lost every time! Actually that's not true -- #2 makes it happen every time, #1 makes it happen most of the time.

    I always keep my mouse tracking speed set to max (who the hell decided on this range of speeds, anyway?! "max" is nowhere near fast enough, and to use the minimum speed you'd need a mouse pad 6 feet across) and I keep finding my tracking speed set to something like 40% of max. Annoying!
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    [quote]Originally posted by richard788:

    <strong>...oh, and just try unchecking the Feedback by Sound preference in PowerPoint. See how long the silence lasts. Before you know it it's plink ploink going on again... </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeuck! That sucks. I can't stand "feedback by sound" in MS apps. It drives me nuts. Thank goodness MS Word v.X remember the off setting on my iBook!

    I haven't had any problems with applications forgetting their settings. However, Finder windows in list view often show the bottom of the list, or even further down, blank space. WTF?

    A lot of work remains to be done on Mac OS X.

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    PS: And yes, mouse/trackpad tracking speed is way too slow in OS X. I don't understand why Apple hasn't made it the same as in OS 9. Can it really be that difficult?
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