Leopard wireless problem.

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I hope this is in the right place.

I've had my 20" iMac 2.4 with Leopard for a little over a month and up until now, it was problem free. Now it refuses to connect to my wireless network. It used to connect pretty much instantly when brought out of sleep or re-started, now it tells me my network isn't available, and when I select the network manually and put in the WEP key it just times out. Once in ten it will actually connect, but it's horribly slow and eventually loses the connection. I've got a PC sitting beside it on the same wireless network with no problems at all. I haven't changed a single thing in me wireless network, so I don't know what would have brought the problem on.

My wireless router is a Linksys WRT54G.


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    First off, you should dump WEP, set it up for WPA. 2nd, delete all saved networks and then add your's back in, put in the key and save it to the keychain.
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